As far as scientific glass blowing in the U.S. is concerned, Southern California's Stone Glassworks (SGW) is undoubtedly one of the most recognized in the industry. Utilizing boroscillicate techniques first developed in Seattle in the 1990s, they are known to produce some of the most functional scientific glassware found anywhere. Inventors of the often imitated "waffle perc," SGW produces a unique and innovative collection of straight tubes, both clear and worked, featuring their staple ice pinch slide. Their Nano 3-slit is the perfect travel vapor rig and the Recycler/Recirculator Inline vapor rig is one of the most functional recyclers being produced. The ultimate in artistic vapor smoking rigs is, of course, the SGW recycler made in the form of a waste management recycling truck. See this waste management recycling truck rig in action here.