STAG Vapor Pens

Are you down to attempt the 45-second Challenge from STAG Vapor? This refers to the advanced battery tech equipped standard on the entire line of STAG Vapor pens that we carry here at The Dab Lab which allows a full 45 second drag before the auto-shutoff function engages. Pair this awesome feature with the STAG Vapor Ceramiwick technology and you can pull 4-5x more vapor on each hit than you would with standard vape pens and batteries. With an innovative coil protection system your atomizers will last longer and vaporize every last bit of every hit. The mini USB pass-through charging port is conveniently located and easily accessed on the bottom of the pen allowing you to safely use the pen even while it’s charging! The STAG Vapor battery is a finely crafted resin reinforced ultra-durable accessory that will accept any 510 threaded atomizers or pre-filled carts if that’s what you prefer. Each kit comes equipped with all you’ll need to get the terps flowing, but we also offer replacement atomizers and accessories as well as some upgrades that may peak your interest. STAG Vapor is a luxury vaporizer brand with affordable price points and we have chosen the very best items from their lineup to add to our own roster of best-selling vapes.