There are so many ways to smoke, toke, and vape these days. Although you can technically make due with just an apple and a match, the smoking accessories offered here at The Dab Lab will help you to truly enjoy the finer things in life and to get the most flavor and headiest effects from your herbs and concentrates.

Here you’ll find the most sought after, time tested and proven products from the culture as well as some of the newest innovations that the industry has to offer. All of these items are intended to simplify your sesh and make your smoking experience as dope as possible.

You’ll always receive FREE SHIPPING on domestic orders over $300 and these must-have smoking accessories are a great way to get there.

It all starts with a clean piece so The Dab Lab stocks the best cleaning products formulated specifically to tackle the tough resin and reclaim that gets left behind. Clean glass is no good if it is not kept safe and here you’ll find everything from cushioned coasters to rest your rig on to rugged and stylish hard-shelled and padded carrying cases and bags.

Check out our ash catchers that attach to your water pipe or bong and ash trays that look good on any table, as well as a variety of glass on glass adapters, dropdowns, downstems, bowls and slides from today’s top glass artists and so much more. Male or female, 10mm, 14mm or 18mm, we’ve got options for you!

Get your grind on with our high quality selection of 2- and 4-piece herb grinders, grab a custom designed rolling tray and some rolling papers from the hottest brands in the game and twist one up!

If you have questions about this aspect of your purchase, or anything else, hit up our live chat on the right hand side of your screen or send us a message and we’ll make sure you get what you need right away.