MIO Glass

We have a large selection of MIO glass bongs for sale here at The Dab Lab. MIO (Made in Oregon) Glass uses the best starting materials, lab grade glass tubing made in Germany by Schott Glass Company. Most of their glass bongs use 5mm or 9mm thick tubing, so if you’re looking for a thick heavy duty water pipe, MIO has you covered. They just don’t play around when it comes to quality, they actually care! All the joints (where the downstem goes into the bong) are hand worked with extra thick glass and have a low pro look to them. It’s nice to know your bong isn’t going to break by simply taking out the downstem. They also incorporate some old school glass art techniques into their pieces, like fuming and the wrap & rake, making for some very attractive water pipes. But what does every consumer want? Well that’s not hard to answer. Simply put, quality products at an affordable price and good customer service. Even with the cost of materials rising every year MIO Glass has managed to keep their pricing very affordable. We here at TheDabLab.com have you covered on the customer service side! Check out MIO Glass bongs and water pipes below!